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WEB3 Security

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Application Security

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Infrastructure Security

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Cloud Security

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This comprehensive collection offers a variety of educational resources and tools to help individuals and organizations understand and implement secure cloud computing practices.

From educational videos to hands-on exercises, these materials provide a deep dive into the challenges and risks of cloud computing and equip users with the knowledge and skills to manage security in the cloud. Whether you're a security expert or a business leader, these learning materials offer real-world scenarios and practical applications to enhance your cloud security expertise.

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Threat Intelligence

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  • Penetration Testing

    11 videos

    Penetration Testing is a comprehensive video and materials collection that provides a practical guide to conducting penetration testing. The collection includes video lectures, slides, case studies, and lab exercises, all designed to give learners a hands-on experience of penetration testing.


  • Threat Modeling

    10 videos

    Pay What Feels Good to Unlock the Threat Modeling Video Lessons, Materials, Tools & Scripts.


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    The "Threat Modeling Collection" is a comprehensive set of video lesso...

  • Phishing & Scamming Security (Videos & Materials)

    11 videos

    Pay What Feels Good to Unlock the Phishing & Scamming Video Lessons, Materials, Tools & Scripts.


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    Learn how to recognize the warning signs of a phishing email, spot...

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